Hello, I’m Tasha (they/them), a queer, non-binary potter, born and raised in the Midwest. I find inspiration for my porcelain vessels in the practice of overlaying my training as a photographer and designer with the expansive ceramic process. Humans have been working with clay for tens of thousands of years, yet no two handmade pots in all of history can ever be identical. The limitless possibilities inherent to my craft are fascinating and exhilarating to me. 
Pottery is sensual, curvy, smooth, soft, resilient. It lasts for decades, centuries, or mere moments. It is earth, elemental. This essence is what I strive to celebrate by throwing porcelain forms in modern yet functional silhouettes. Delicate and intricate details adorn the walls of my pots, complemented by a minimalistic approach to glazing that encourages the porcelain clay body to really shine through. The surface illustrations reflect an intimacy with nature, as well as my training as a graphic designer. My aim is to reimagine everyday objects into true works of art that would complement any home. I want them to feel good in the hand, sing at the scrape of a spoon along the bottom, chime pleasantly against the table between sips, and reveal one small chapter of my story.